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Site Monitoring & Offsite Video Surveillance

By connecting your alarm to the Alarm monitoring centre, we let your home or business being monitored round the clock by our experienced operators thus ensuring complete peace of mind. We make sure the right action is taken in the event of an alarm. Loud enough to hear, the security monitoring in Vancouver is known to serve few different purposes. They tend to alert people inside the house that an issue has occurred. It is through our security monitoring, we can protect people, property and our society. When you connect your alarm to us, we initiate monitoring of site round the clock. Our operators tend to monitor all types of alarm and carry out the instructions agreed upon.

How does Alarm Monitoring work?

Home security system generally works on the simple concept of securing entry points into a home with sensors that communicate with control panel.  The control panel is the computer that arms and disarms the security systems communicates with each installed component, sound the alarm when a security zone is breached.  It features a touchpad for easy interaction and programming.

Benefits of Site Monitoring

There are several benefits of Alarm monitoring. Here are some of the reasons that would make you embrace alarm monitoring service.

  • Constant monitoring
  • Fire security
  • Theft Deterrence
  • Instant access to Emergency
  • Criminal Detterence

 How Forefront security works

Not a second is missed with Forefront Security video surveillance. Now is the perfect time for you to have Forefront Security design a custom video security system for your business, regardless of the size or complexity. Forefront Security has the latest in cameras, monitors, digital video recorders and off-site remote monitoring systems.

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Decades of Experience

When it comes to critical services such as security, experience has an important role to play. With decades of experience in this line and impeccable service record, we at Aventis know exactly what our clients expect from their security service.

Self-Motivated Guards

Our team of self-motivated guards offer improved security levels and professional quality service. They also have a better understanding of the expectations that clients have and deliver the same with utmost sincerity.

Latest Security Techniques

We believe in staying up to date with the latest and best security technology as per the industry standards. Our technical experts procure the best tools and implement them as per the needs of each client.