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“Front-Tech” Monitor

A New Generation GPS Guard, Site Monitoring & Tracking Technology

Keep Track Of Important Business Or Personal Assets

Keep Track Of Important Business Or Personal Assets

GPS is a high-end device used for security optimization, site analysis and incident reporting. Forefront security makes use of this new technology to help in tracking, monitoring and managing activities of security personnel both indoor & outdoor. The tracking devices are valuable for private and commercial applications. Real-time small GPS tracking device is perfect for individuals entering dangerous areas with features like panic alerts. You would get live updates of a family member or co-worker using a GPS TRACKER.

We are a GPS specialist and deal only with GPS and related solutions. As a leading GPS provider in India we make it a point to bring you the best quality product at competitive rates in the market. For assets small or large, there is a GPS solution built to protect them. You can keep an eye on heavy machinery & equipment with long lasting heavy asset trackers. The trackers let you track everything related to personal and Business assets. So with our GPS tracking device you tend to protect your business or personal assets.

Benefits Of GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Systems are a real Game Changer! What is so good about this technology apart from security and comfort is that it can give you the ease of operation. It is so user-friendly that almost anyone and everyone can use it. What’s more is that the device works accurately, faster ensuring complete peace of mind.

When it comes to vehicular benefits, the GPS systems offer security needed for a particular car in certain circumstances. Another most vital thing about GPS is that it helps parents to track their children’s whereabouts. Either a teen carry that or it can be placed in the car to keep parents updated about the exact location of kid. The GPS is also beneficial for business especially for large corporations. The device can track any sort of nuisance or distractions within the business location.

How gps tracking works

GPS works by providing information on the exact location.  It uses Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS). The network includes a range of satellite that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS device. Hence it can potentially give both historic navigation data and real time data on any sort of journey.

GPS Tracking Device Price

When considering the GPS Tracking device price, first you need to consider whether you are going to purchase or rent the device. The device price depends on your needs and business preference. From the costing aspect, renting of device will eliminate the upfront cost. The tracking device prices range from $19.95 – $29.95 per month depending upon your tracking needs. While the asset tracking device starts at $ 14.00 per month.

All in all, this Front-Tech Monitor provides 100% protection and guarantees shift success!

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